Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sana Body Refining Spray Vs Ettusais Medicated Body Whitening Mist

Okay, so I'm not just dealing with jawline and facial acne when down with food allergy. Its the back, tummy and decollete area that's irritating! I mean... doh... how's a lenglui suppose to wear bare back or umm... lets see... a little skin showing clothes during summer?! And, not to forget sugar_cupcakes is staying in a 365 days all year round HOT tropical climate... (--)"

So... here's to the 2 worth blogging about products over the years -> the must-win battle with body acne...

Ettusais Medicated Body Whitening Mist

  • Nice to use
  • Pretty pricey for a small can (I mean duh... your whole back is a HUGE area)
  • Not very easy to spray when you hold a half full can upside-down (covers a small area only)
  • Yes, it helps fade away red marks left by acne
  • Though its not a full proof get-rid-of-acne spray.. Duh! If that was possible why are we still dealing with acne

Sana Body Refining Spray

  • Quite worth it since its costs less for more (when compared to ettusais)
  • Yes, it helps... Keeps acne in check (salicylic acid)
  • Smells faintly of salicylic acid and sorta like a real mild tea tree oil tinge to it
  • The spray bottle is really nice-to-use. Sprays on well even when you turn the bottle upside down (spray covers a huge area)
  • I don't see the acne getting less red, but they do reduce in size over time (the anti-bacteria thing sure helps)

  • I like SANA one 'cos its more umm... value-for-money
  • And the spray bottle is pretty nice to use. Easy to cover most area of body with a spray
  • Both work to help keep body acne in check
  • Of course you'll never be body-acne free just because of these products if your hormones are still imbalance and the food you eat is causing all sorta skin allergies (okay okay, speaking of the devil... hohohoho)
  • If you're battling body acne, I really do recommend these. (they are sure-keepers)


  1. hi, can you tell me where can i get the Sana Body Refining Spray within M'sia ? thanks. =)

  2. Hi eyestt,

    You can find this for RM49 at any SaSa store in KL. I got mine off some promo booth in Isetan... :p

  3. I wan buy, how can find ? Sana body refining spray ?