Saturday, October 30, 2010

Japan Hip Make Bra

TADA!!! Shape your butt with...

Okiee... while bras are for keeping your boobs in shape... Ever heard of the "Hip Make Bra"?? Hohohoho... sounds like some grammatically incorrectly named item huh? But.... yet again sugar_cupcakes went into some research frenzy on this and finally decided to get one... Hey, it was easily affordable at RM13.90 from Yokosho (or online at or hey, just google!) and even cheaper if you do purchase it online.

I'm not going to explain what it does... see the before and after and you'll understand. Huhuhuhuhu.. (^o^)

  • comfortable and you'd forget you're wearing it
  • YES, it does shape your butt
  • Umm.. I'm not sure if this will ever shape your butt permanently... hahaha.. you wish..
  • Come on, what can I say? Its affordable and worth the try!
  • This is definitely a keeper!

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