Monday, February 16, 2009

Facial Hair Remover - Introducing... the EPISTICK

Yeowch! But.. hell... It works like threading!

Again.. I watched some real convincing advert online... lol... This time, its Japanese:

Now, if you've got visible facial hair or very visible open pores due to facial hair... I think you'd be tempted to buy this. Heck... its only RM5. Rather cheap for a beauty tool huh? And, I can tell you.. it does work. Only, you'll need to know how to use it properly. Follow the pictorized instruction and you'll definitely get there. Took me 3 mins to get the hang of using it. But.... took me another 3 to fully recover from the PAIN! hahahahhahaha...

Okay... if you've done threading on your face to remove little mustache you have above your lips... its going to feel just like that. Only, you are doing the threading yourself! Man... imagine inflicting pain on yourself... Yeah... yeowchhhhhhh....!! But really... this works. And for the price... its worth getting one if you can tolerate the pain... lol...

  • Yes it works! (but you gotta be using it the right way - see pictorial instructions that comes with the tool)
  • Emm... the pain factor is 9/10 for me.. Cos.. I did it for the fine hair at the corners of my lips.... Very pain laa..................
  • But once you see the plucked hair on the tool... whoaaa.... so cool.... lol
  • I still use it... but not very often... Only when I need to
  • Yeah... good for facial hair removal if you can take the pain... not for body hair removal okay? You need both your hands to work it... and when I tried it on my thigh just out of curiosity... OUCHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


  1. Hi there, may I kno whr to buy this tool? I've been looking for it everywhr...

  2. Hi Camie,

    If you're from KL, I saw this sold in Shins once... And at Yokosho(Sunway Pyramid) too.. And I think some shops selling "Lady First" products.. But... if not, you can get this online on eBay and some other online beauty store... Some googling will definitely help :)

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  4. can i noe which shins outlets??

  5. Saw it once in Subang Parade Shins outlet in Malaysia. But that was umm.. ages ago.

    Try Yokoso outlets or online sellers like... (^o^)

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