Thursday, September 29, 2016

Anti AGING FIGHT with Panasonic Ion Effector EH-ST51

Approximately half a year ago, iwannabelenglui made a purchase for preventing tell tale signs of AGING... lol... On second thought... it was more of a sudden enlightenment to get a Japanese advertised device which will force your moisturizer and serum into the lower epidermis of the skin. Oh whatever that actually meant...

If you have heard for Hitachi Hada Crie, we think the Panasonic Ion Effector EH-ST51P functions almost similarly... except for the shape of the facial plate that touches our skin. Watch the video on how easy it is for plate to reach the corners of our eyes and nose because of the perfect upside-down triangular shape...

Some Japanese video explaining the importance of the plate design -->

We did a comparison with Hada Crie and decided to go with the Panasonic one because it looks way cuter!! muahahahhaa... okay-okay... decision made was because of the shape of the ion plate.


  • Could not see much effect on the efficacy of serums which supposedly should have absorbed better into facial skin (okay, maybe its only 6 months of usage)
  • But the cleaning part showed some visible effect... the cleaning cotton turned yellowish when used with the Ion Effector device even after washing with a 2 in 1 facial wash which claims to remove light makeup... Hmm... so much for skipping the double cleansing
  • If we do not use the heating function often... once charge lasts like forever
  • The heating function is pretty comfy... except that iwannabelenglui is located right smack in a tropical climate which is hot all year round!
  • The shape of the plate is just perfect! (worth the research effort when trying to compare with similar other device)

Should you get one?

  • No if you are still young and taking relatively good care of your skin
  • Yes if you have the additional cash to splurge and having skin with difficulty absorbing any form of skincare (or just feeling relatively paranoid about aging skin)
  • Lengluis who are more hardcore, check out the Panasonic Ion Effector EH-ST63 (with help of any Vit-C absorption for skin brightening)


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